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Fall Detection

Should the alarm detect a fall powerful enough to knock someone out, it will automatically activate an emergency SOS.Includes 10 second delay in case of false alarms.

Emergency Alarm

Working off the 3G cellular network, it works USA & Worldwide – in the home, in a warehouse, shopping mall or out jogging in the park. Have more freedom & indpendence knowing help is there when you need it most.


Location FInding

Should the wearer be prone to wandering, or if you are concerned of the whereabouts of a loved one, the Alarm is able to transmit its physical location on request to your own cell phone on Google maps

Ideal for Seniors and more…. 


The Personal Emergency Alarm is ideal for seniors but also has many applications across the community and workforce. Here are some of the situations the Personal Safety Alarm can be used in to provide not only safety but also freedom and peace of mind.  

Seniors who are still active and independent
If you are a senior who remains active and goes out of your home unaccompanied, then the Mobile Safety Alarm gives you the ability to take your emergency alarm with you. If you have a fall, whether at home or outdoors you can get help quickly by simply pressing the help button. Your emergency contacts will know where you are via the in-built GPS technology. 

Seniors living at home who don’t have an active landline
There are many elderly people living alone who don’t have a landline at home. This is where the Mobile Safety Alarm fills the gap. Getting a landline connected can be very costly for seniors and if you add on the cost of a landline alarm it can be a significant sum of money. 

Seniors who have a history of falling or who suffer from vertigo
The Mobile Alarm can protect you if you are away from your house in the garden or out walking. It also has a fall detection option that can turned on that sends text messages to 5 emergency contacts when a person suffers a fall.  

People suffering from dementia and are at risk of wandering
The Personal Medical Alert Alarm comes with features that are ideal in ensuring the safety of people who are prone to wandering. Family and carers who know the mobile number assigned to the pendant can sent a text message to it and immediately find out their location on Google Maps. 

It also has a Geo-Fencing feature that can be set to send warning messages via text when the wearer of the pendant strays outside a defined radius (measured in metres). This is ideal for seniors living at home alone or even seniors in nursing homes and retirement villages. 

 People suffering from disabilities
Many people in our community suffer from disabilities or medical conditions that put them at risk. The Mobile Alarm can contact family and carers when a person suffering a disability needs help, no matter where they are.  

As a panic alarm when there is an intruder
The Mobile Alarm can be used when the wearer suspects there may be an intruder or perhaps when walking alone outside and feeling unsafe or threatened. 



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