Child Safety, Panic Button & Location Finding

There is nothing like the panic a parent feels when a child is around one minute, then mysteriously disappears the next. If you are in a crowded place, such as an amusement park, a football game or even the local shopping mall, child locator alarms can help you find a child in seconds, instead of heart-pounding minutes. Our Personal Safety Alarm can be used as a child safety alarm which uses location finding technology.

An Investment in Your Child’s Safety


Using Cell signals & GPS, it can send parents the Alarms physical location to your own cell phone to view on Google Maps. Know where your child is at any time.


If the child enters or exits a preset area, you will be alerted. You’ll know if your child leaves school, goes to the mall, or even exits your suburb.


Panic Button

If your child encounters a stranger or feels threatened, a single push of the alarms button will alert you they need help. Voice to Voice communications can be intiated instantly.



 The parent attaches the Personal Emergency Alarm to the child’s clothing, worn around the neck on a lanyard or simply left in the school bag. When a child is noticed to be missing, the parent can text the pendant and it will respond back with its location. This will allow you to find a missing child and alert other adults that the child may be in a dangerous situation.

Child safety alarms can let you know right away if your child has wandered away from for an area they are not supposed to be. By programming a preset area (Geo fencing) such as a school, suburb or even your house, the Personal Safety Alarm will alert you that the child has wondered away or been removed unexpectedly from the Geo Fenced area. Maybe you dont want you son or daughter visiting an unsavoury school friend or going to the mall alone after school? A parent can Geo fence the undesirables home or mall and you will be alerted when the child enters that area.

Worried about little Johnny down the road with your daughter? The Personal Safety Alarm can be called and automatically answered silently, enabling the parent to hear what is going on. The ‘Listen in’ function

We have all heard about the attempted and sometimes successful abductions of children by strangers on the way to or from school. Just read local news, it happens more and more frequently. Maybe you are worried about your own child being accosted and bundled into a strangers car and left helpless. The child can press the SOS button and you can be alerted immediately that an emergency is in progress. This will allow you to track the missing child and alert other adults/police that the child may be in a dangerous situation and bring your child home. 

An Investment in Your Child’s Safety


With so many ways that harm can come to your children, why not invest in a child safety alarm? The price of our personal safety alarm is well worth the peace of mind you’ll have knowing that the children around you are safe.

$287 including tracked delivery

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