Personal Emergency Alarms Alarms


Using modern technology, our Personal Alarms are cost effective, tried and tested personal alarms that work nationwide/worldwide(Global roaming SIM card required). Proven to be reliable and robust, these alarms are being used in America, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Great Britain and many other countries. Tens of thousands of these Personal Safety Alarms have been sold globally.

Lower cost and superior technology, these are possibly the best personal alarms in the world

Personal Emergency Alarms Alarms

Personal Alarms

Discover one of the most advanced wearable personal safety alarms available in the world today.

Personal Emergency Alarms Alarms

Aged Care Alarms

Ideal for seniors & elderly, the Personal Safety Alarm can be used to provide not only safety but also freedom and peace of mind. 

Personal Emergency Alarms Alarms

Child Safety Alarms

Our Emergency Alarm can be used as a child safety alarm which uses location finding technology.

Best Personal Alarms